How can I update the contact details you have?

Contact Details

Updating the contact details for your business is as easy as selecting Contact Support at the bottom of this page. Then select ‘General Query’ and choose ‘Authorised Contacts’.

Ensure your request contains that person’s details e.g. full name, phone number and email address.

If your only authorised contact has left the business and you want to add yourself as an authorised contact, follow the steps as above but ensure to attach a copy of your photo ID, e.g. driver’s licence.


Postal Address

Log on to Fleet Card Online by tapping Login on the top right of this page to update your business postal address.

From within Fleet Card Online, go to Update Profile, then click on Update Details. Click Edit to update your postal address.

While you’re there, check the rest of your contact details are correct. Once you’re happy everything is up to date, click Save changes.


Physical Address

If you need to update the physical or registered address of your business, select Contact Support at the bottom of this page. Then select ‘General Query’ and choose ‘Update address details”.

You can also make this request within Fleet Card Online.

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